Tips for buying a suit

1 | When to buy your wedding suit

Our tip: Start early with your internet search to see what's on offer and what you like. 4 to 6 months prior to your wedding you should schedule your first appointment with a specialist retailer. Thus you will have plenty of time to find your perfect wedding suit - and if it's not immediately available - to have it sewn e.g. made-to-measure or in the desired style and cloth. It's so much more relaxing to shop without being pressed for time.


2 | Where to buy your wedding suit

WILVORST as  a renowned manufacturer of festive menswear definitely recommends to buy your wedding suit from a specialist shop. Only there will you get perfect expert advice and not on the internet. Our WILVORST customers are specialist bridal wear shops, classic menswear shops, bespoke tailors as well as chain stores and retailors. You find all addresses of our specialist shops.


3 | Who to choose as a companion

Best companion

Who do I wish to accompany me when I choose my wedding suit and accessories for the most beautiful day of my life? Our tip: Seek advice from somebody who you trust and who tells you the truth, after all you want to look awesome at the altar, don't you? Family, friends, best men and/or your partner are possible companions. If you prefer to rely on your own judgement it's okay, too. With the help of a copmpetent assistant at a specialist shop you will find the right wedding suit as well.


4 | What to take along for your consultation meeting

Very important: The wedding suit or the complete outfit of the groom should be harmoniously oordinated with the outfit of youur partner. For this purpose a swatch of the bridal gown or the wedding suit of your partner is a useful help. A small hint at the kind of style is of great help for your personal fashion advisor in order to choose a wonderful wedding suit together with you.


5 | What style suits me

We recommend to search on the internet for different kinds of style together with your partner in order to find out what you like prior to buying your wedding suit. Normally, the final decision is made at the specilist shop, because often the fashion advisors have a well-trained eye and know how to best show your qualities. Do you have a wedding motto like VINTAGE WEDDING or SUSTAINABILITY? WILVORST offers particular style worlds which perfectly match with these themes. Here, too, we recommend to do a web search before you visit a specialist shop, because there your ideas can be consolidated afterwards.


6 | Perfect fit

Rule no. 1: The wedding suit must fit perfectly!  On the wedding day all eyes are on the couple. We definitely recommend to seek advice from a specialist shop,  there they know how a perfectly fitting suit should look like and often there's a tailor who can make any changes that might be necessary. Are you looking for a bespoke suit? A lot of our specialist shops offer a complete bespoke service which guarantees that you get a perfectly customised wedding suit,


Absolute "NO-GOs"

  • Jacket sleeves too long (our tip: The shirt cuffs should still be visible)
  • Undo pockets of jacket (our tip: Let them sen up, thus the pockets keep in shape)
  • Legs of trousers too long - this makes the trousers appear creased at the bottom
  • Baggy trouser pockets - pleaes don't put wallets, mobiles etc. into the trouser pockets of your wedding suit, put them into the inside pocket of the jacket, if necessary at all
  • Fasten all jacket buttons (Exception: 1 button jacket - rule of thumb: The last button always remains unfastened)


7 | Perfect match

All details of the wedding suit look should be a perfect match, i.e. the waistcoat and the accessory should be colour-coordinated to the wedding suit, the shoes and belt, too and also made of the same leather, the shirt should match the colour of the bridal dress or the partner's shirt. If you wear a shirt with a double cuff don't forget the matching cufflinks. WILVORST offers complete wedding suit looks - from head to toe, so you know that your wedding suit look is a perfect match.


8 | Purchase & pickup

After having chosen your wedding suit - believe us, you will immediately know if it's your perfect wedding suit - you will purchase and pick it up. In order to avoid soiling it on your way home we recommend to transport the wedding suit in a suit cover.


9 | After the wedding

We recommend you to have your wedding suit cleaned by a professional drycleaner in order to make sure that you will can enjoy it for a long time. You best store it hanging in a suit cover. Our tip: If you regularly air your suit it will keep smelling fresh. Furthermore, do not hang your suit too close to other garments in order to avoid creases.


You may wonder if you can wear your wedding suit after the wedding again differently styled? Our designer Prof. Jo Meurer has the following Styling Tips for you.