WILVORST Accessories

Accessories for wedding suits & formal wear

WILVORST does not only offer a wide range of festive wedding suits but also a big choice of various accessories. Accessories are the final touch to your outfit.

Accessories are the small details which render the wedding suit of the groom perfect. A high-quality shirt is the basis of the outfit, matching cufflinks are eyecatchers. Of course, elegant shoes must not be missing - it goes without saying that these shoes are from WILVORST. Then, there's the decorative waistcoat worn together with either a bowtie or a cravat as sort of creative link to the suit. Braces are the trending accessory, they are made of exclusive waistcoat fabrics. Braces, bowtie, pocket square are the perfect match.

In order to make your wedding suit perfect accessories are indispensable must-haves. They add that certain something to you wedding suit.

Cravats and bowties can change the whole look. Our high-quality cravats and bowties are available in various fabrics, colours and patterns in order to match your personal style.

A stylish pocket square makes for an extra dash of elegance. They may either be made of the fabric of your tie or bowtie or deliberately set a contrast to add an interesting touch to your outfit.

A belt is another accessory which must not be missing. Go for a belt in a colour that match your shoes and your suit in order to create a harmonious overall look.

Last but not least cufflinks are small but very decorative accessories which perfectly round off your wedding  look. Cufflinks are either classic, modern or fancy - it's up to you to choose a design that reflects your personality.