Formal Wear

Festive elegance

Formal Wear made by WILVORST is a special collection which was originally designed for the British market. This collection does not only comprise classic morning coats - the wedding attire of the high nobility - but also classic English lounge suits which are ideal as wedding suits or suits for social functions. Formal Wear is, of course, an amazing wedding attire.

In Great Britain the morning coat has a long tradition, it is the obligatory attire to wear to the classic horse races in Ascot and royal events. The morning coat is often worn as a three-piece suit with the jacket, trousers and waistcoats made of the same fabric. Only the accessory (tie or cravat) differs in colour. In terms of accessories pastel shades like rose, mint or turquoise are particularly popular. Due to this special preference we developed the Great Britain programme which is limited to the colours blue, grey and black and which offers only classic morning coats and lounge suits. The crowning accessory is the top hat which can be specified as dress code for the groom and also the wedding guest. The lounge suit also captivates through a three-piece look, often in the current trending colour blue and a contrasting pastel accessory. The important and big difference to the morning coat is that the lounge suit has no prolonged back like the morning coat but that it is rather cut like a jacket. What used to be in vogue in Great Britain has become popular in Germany and neighbouring countries, too. The clou in Great Britain: Contrary to Germany Formal Wear or the classic formal social look are not bought but hired. This a a special fact which we only know of Great Britain and which is unknown in Germany. On the invitation the dress code is already shown and also the information where you can hire this morning coat attire.