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With its formal wear collections CLASSICs and COOL CLASSICs WILVORST offers all classics of formal wear which men need for official and formal occasions. Dinner suits, morning coats, evening tail coats, white tuxedos as well as all matching accessories are available at specialist shops which carry the WILVORST products. But what actually is formal wear? Formal wear is worn at parties and official occasions which call for festive clothing. In general the kind of clothing and accessories is defined by the dress codes shown on invitations, the most known dress codes are WHITE TIE and BLACK TIE:

No matter to what formal event you are invited, we have the right formal wear on offer - for all official occasions. FORMAL WEAR also serves as amazing wedding suit.

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Are you looking for formal clothing and classic formal wear of best quality? Then WILVORST is the right choice. Evening tail coats, white tuxedos, morning coats, frock coats, festive shirts or top hats - WILVORST is the perfect address for classy and modern fashion for men at reasonable prices. High-quality fabrics and and excellent tailoring guarantee a long life and an appealing look as well.  We are your ideal partner especially for weddings. You, as the groom, best man or guest may order a made-to-measure wedding suit or choose from our different collections the size that fits you. Should you have any questions regarding our exclusive garments and wedding suits or formal and classic wear feel free to contact us - we will be happy to assist you.

The morning coat is a garment that was first worn in the 19th century. The name makes it clear that it should be worn only in the daytime, never after 6 p.m. The morning coat is the appropriate attire at weddings, receptions or horse races, accordingly.  WILVORST offers new interpretations of the morning coat which stand out at classic weddings. If you coordinate a coloured waistcoat to the morning coat from us you are perfectly dressed for any formal occasion in the morning. Usually, a top hat is the accessory that goes with a morning coat. The evening tail coat is exclusively worn at very festive events in the evening. Events with the dress code White Tie like very elegant weddings, balls, festive premieres, state banquets or receptions at European royal houses call for an evening tail coat. An evening tail coat is a very elegant garment which by all means has to be worn with a white, low-cut piqué waistcoat. Under the waistcoat you wear a formal shirt. A top hat can be a very nice accessory to round off the outfit. WILVORST has perfectly fitting tails, the matching piqué waistcoat, piqué bowtie, formal shirt and top hat on offer. A white tuxedo from WILVORST is the ideal choice for formal events in the daytime. We offer you exclusive white dinner jackets which are the perfect particularly for summer events. Under the white dinner jacket you may wear a white festive shirt. When combined with a coloured or black bowtie, a matching pocket square and cummerbund the white tuxedo is complete. The white tuxedo can also be regarded as counterpart to the classic dinner jacket. You don't wear a top hat with the white tuxedo.

Unfortunately, a simple formal shirt is not enough sometimes. For very festive occasions you need to wear especially formal clothing which also convinces with quality. We don't recommend to buy an inexpensive white tuxedo which does not come up to your expections. A morning coat should be of best quality so that you make a good impression. Tails, top hat etc. are products which you all get from WILVORST in top quality. Let yourself be convinced of our clothing. It goes without saying that we will be pleased to advise you in detail. Did you get an invitation to an event for the first time where formal clothing is requested? Just get in touch with us, we'll tell you what you should bear in mind when you choose your outfit. Did you know that the morning coat is the classic wedding attire in aristocratic circles? Are you going to marry in 2022 and looking for a classic wedding suit which corresponds to a formal dress code? Then the morning coat might be your wedding suit. Do not hesitate to contact your WILVORST specialist retailer.