Festive shoes for wedding suits

Information and Care Instructions

WILVORST MEN’S SHOES are exclusively made of finest, hand-selected calf leather. By nature this calf leather is very fine and smooth but still extremely durable. Smaller textures, e.g. grains which can be seen in the leather reflect the naturalness and authenticity of the product. Also the lining leather used by WILVORST is calf leather. It has the special feature to transport humidity and it guarantees a comfortable wear temperature. An outsole made from an especially tanned leather ensures a strong appearance for special occasions but also in everyday life. The stitched sole promises highest wear comfort and long durability.

Well cared for shoes are your visiting card. The care starts with the use of the enclosed shoe horn when you put your shoes on. Always take your shoes off with wide open shoe laces. The shoes air best when after a long day of being worn they get at least a one-day break. A shoe tree or paper which absorbs humidity is very helpful for the airing. Prior to wearing your shoes remove dirt particles in briefly wiping or brushing them. Every two or three weeks or after having worn your shoes six to ten times we recommend to clean them with shoe cream (wax) which comes in a tin and which matches the leather. After having cleansed the shoes with a brush you apply a thin coat of wax and let it get absorbed for half an hour. Then brush your shoes without pressure until it has got the right shine again.

The shoes will have a long life provided the wearer follows the recommendations and does not forget careful cleaning at regular intervals.

Our WILVORST shoes are available at specialist ships in the sizes 39 | 40 | 41 | 42 | 43 | 44 | 45 und 46.