Styling Tips

Thanks to individually developed fits and styles, exclusive fabrics with "feel good character" and fashionable colours it is possible to style individual outfits which flatter every man. After the wedding the wedding suit is simply styled in a different way and hardly looks like a wedding suit anymore.


WILVORST since 1916 is fashion for weddings, all festive functions and - depending on the styling - it can be combined and worn as streetwear or classy autumn outfit. Basis of the outfit: a tight-fitting 2 button suit.


Styling no 1: festive

The accessory makes the suit festive. This 2 button suit is perfectly styled with a waistcoat with a matching cravat either tone-on-tone or with an innovative small pattern. Shirt, shoes, cufflinks from the WILVORST accessory programme are perfectly colour-coordinated.

Styling no. 2: modern suit

Again, the suit is  the basis of the outfit. In order to style the outfit in a modern but not festive manner you don't wear a waistcoat with a matching cravat. The perfect complement to this styling is a coloured, slim tie with a matching pocket square. This styling, too, is combined with a shirt, shoes and cufflinks from WILVORST.

Styling no. 3: jacket

The styling variant "jacket" leaves out the trousers. The WILVORST jacket is combined with a shirt or T-Shirt and cool denim jeans. Perfect match: leather boots or loafers. If you feel like it add a modern scarf. Enjoy your classy street styling.

Styling no. 4: trousers

Why not combine only the suit trousers for a change? The designer tip for a possible styling: combine the suit trousers with a cool turtleneck pullover and knit waistcoat. The styling is either tone-on-tone or with colour accents. Leather boots or leather shoes are ideal partners of this autumn look.