Specialist retailers of WILVORST Green Wedding suits

Our WILVORST Green Wedding collection of wedding suits 2023 and soon also 2024 is available from selected specialist shops. Enter your postcode, place or country in our search field. Then choose the radius within which you you'd like to look for shops which offer our sustainable wedding suits. If you are interested in wearing a Green Wedding suit for your wedding and if you've got further questions you may contact the specialist shops directly, they will be glad to assist you. Get your perfect sustainable wedding suit from our Green Wedding collections 2024.


It is also the big day of the groom. This is why his wedding suit should be special. It should match your style, underline your personality and it goes without saying that you be 100% at ease. Your suit should also match the bridal gown and the overall style of your wedding celebration. A light linen suit (Green Wedding collection from the WILVORST brand) very well matches a summer wedding whereas a black suit (e.g. one from our WILVORST since 1916 collection) is rather classifc and elegant and suitable for weddings in autumn or winter.