Formal Wear - British Elegance

The Formal Wear made by WILVORST is a special collection which originally had been developed in Great Britain. Not only classy morning coats are part of the Formal Wear collection but also British lounge suits. The morning coat has tradition in Britain: as well at the classic horse race in Ascot as also at royal events wearing a morning coat is obligatory. In Britain the morning coat is also combined as a three piece outfit. This means coat, trousers and waistcoat are made from the same material. Only the accessories (tie, neckerchief and pocketkerchief) differ in color from the rest of the outfit.

When it comes to accessories the color shades rose, mint and turquoise are very popular. Because of these special preferences we offer this program for Britain which is limited to the colors blue, grey and black and in which we offer classic morning coats as well as lounge suits. The dot on the i is the top hat, it may be worn by the groom and also by the guests of a wedding. The lounge suit wins over its three-piece-style. Often it is offered in the present trend color blue and combined with a matching accessory in pastel. The lounge suit is rather styled like a normal jacket, not long in the back like the morning coat. What used to be en vouge only in Britain begins to move over to Germany and other surrounding countries.

The clou is: Compared to Germany the classic garments in Britain are not bought but only hired. This is a feature that we only know from Britain and which is not offered in Germany.




With the WILVORST Formal Wear we recommend the following accessories: