Dinner Suit

Wedding suit, formal suit & party look

A dinner suit is one of the most classic garments. If an invitation says dress code BLACK TIE you know it's time to wear a dinner suit.

The collection COOL CLASSICs by WILVORST offers classic black dinner suits with shawl collar or peak lapel and also modern versions like a hip green one. WILVORST interprets the dinner suit in new, trendy and fashionable ways and, of course, there are still the classics for formal occasions. There's no need to wait for a formal invitation to wear a new dinner suit of the COOL CLASSICs collection. You may wear a dinner suit on the occasion of your exam party, a dinner, at your club or in town as classy streetwear. When authentic, slim fits meet premium fabrics with a hip pattern or noble plain cloths they become something new, something different: WILVORST COOL CLASSICs. The perfect dress for a gala, opera visit, party, New Year's Eve, festive event or long clubbing night. With our new COOL CLASSICs HE is perfectly dressed for any festive occasion - the styling and accessories emphasise the event and upgrade the outfit in a festive manner. Trending accessories like body fit shirts with contrasting black decorative buttons, hip patent leather shoes and modern braces with matching bowties hold new possibilities for every man to compose his outfit.

Latest dinner suit trends 2024


Young looks in mohair stretch qualities, new and diffuse colours ranging from deepest dark fuchsia to dark dolphin shades are new colour topics for this festive segment. The idea of a party staged in a billiard bar, gives a new twist to the theme of festivitiy. Unusual stylings with tattoos and casual snapshots modernise the CLASSICS range. The topic of glamour, which is rather a topic of party than spirit of the time, is the counterpoint to the casualisation of the times of Covid.


Gallery dinner suits 2024

[Translate to english:] Ready for the new classics?
[Translate to english:] Der Smoking in Szene gesetzt - perfekt als Hochzeitsanzug oder auch als Gesellschaftsanzug
[Translate to english:] Der Smoking in Szene gesetzt - perfekt als Hochzeitsanzug oder auch als Gesellschaftsanzug

BLACK TIE - appropriate clothes

Dinner suit with shawl collar and trousers with satin stripe, usually in black, meanwhile also in dark blue or other subdued colours

Dress shirt in white (wing collar) with light or black decorative buttons

Black bowtie with matching cummerbund (alternatively with a black waistcoat)

Patent leather shoes, either smooth or structured

If the dress code is strict you better choose the white tuxedo jacket as dinner suit of the day before 6 pm or at parties in the open air

Styling tips off the formal dress code

Midnight blue dinner suit - styled in the classic way with a bowtie and shirt for a festive dinner or in the trending manner with denim jeans and sneakers for the party with friends or as streetwear.

Dinner suit in barolo red - festively teamed with shirt, bowtie and trousers of the same fabric. The style gets hipper if you coordinate demin jeans and black leather boots with the dinner jacket.

Dinner suit in green - teamed in a festive way with shirt, bowtie and trousers of the same fabric. Hip style:  with black jeans, leather boots or tight black t-shirt for the club or party with friends - perfect in cold weather: a black oversized knit shawl.

Dinner jacket in black or grey with black slacks, classic bowtie and white shirt from WILVORST, nerd glasses or a cap as accessories make a perfect break in style for an awesome party.

Black Tie

A dinner suit is the most formal version of a suit. In America it is called "tuxedo". A black, single-breasted dinner suit with a shawl collar is the right choice for social events after 6 pm - also in double-breasted and fashionable versions and new colours. Young dinner suit alternatives are trending which is strikingly proven by the WILVORST collection COOL CLASSICs.

The dinner jacket either has a shawl collar or peak lapel - also double-breasted styles are popular and from time to time they get trendy when they are worn in a hip dandy style. However, the classic styles are the single-breasted ones. Ideally, the dinner trousers are plain and colour-coordinated with the dinner jacket because the dinner suit outfit should not be too striking. The matching dinner trousers are without turn-ups and pleats, mostly with two gallon stripes.

Modern dinner trousers are meanwhile common usage in slim fits and without pleats. Every man - no matter what age - finds his perfect dinner suit after his fancy in the WILVORST offer.

Dinner suit as a new trending wedding suit

Normally, there are stringent dress code rules for dinner suits, however, these relax more and more and the motto "anything goes" prevails. This is why dinner suits get more popular as wedding suits, because dinner suits are very formal and therefore many a groom chooses one as perfect wedding suit to shine next to his bride. However, you shouldn't wear a dinner suit as a wedding suit in all social circles, as in some families the formalised dress codes are strictly adhered to. In those cases the morning coat is the appropriate attire for a very formal wedding in the morning.

Did you know that due to their formal and exclusive appearance dinner suits have become one of the latest and most popular wedding suits? Meanwhile quite a few young couples choose a trendy dinner suit as their wedding outfit.

WILVORST – dinner suits and matching accessories in the best quality for formal events

A dinner suit is a very elegant suit which, in general, is worn at very formal events like a visit to the opera, evening gala, wedding or other events with the dress code "black tie". Dinner suits can look back on a long history. As early as in the middle of the 19th century the dinner jacket became socially acceptable as an elegant and at the same time comfortable evening attire. At the end of the 1930s the evening tailcoat was replaced by the dinner suit at most events. A dinner suit consists of a jacket, trousers, shirt, shoes, socks and accessories. The classic dinner jacket is either a single-breasted or double-breasted black jacket with no back vent. It is coordinated with black trousers with no turn-ups and with a simple stripe. The dress shirt is primarily characterised by double cuffs with straight edges. The dress shirt which goes with a dinner suit either has a turn-down collar or the traditional wing collar. The shirt should be white, however, a light ecru is possible, too. Accessories include bowties, ties, cummerbunds or waistcoats. The ties have only recently become an appropriate alternative to bowties. Often the waistcoat is low-cut but it is only part of the dinner suit if the jacket is single-breasted. The same holds true for the less formal cummerbund. A double-breasted jacket always has to be worn closed so that neither a waistcoat nor a cummerbund are necessary. Black shoes with a thin leather sole round off the outfit.

If you intend to buy a dinner suit you should attach importance to a high-quality fabric and good tailoring, after all the dinner suit is worn mainly at formal events. Premium fabrics and a good tailoring are very important. Comfort and freedom of movement also play an important role in order to ensure that you feel at ease all day or evening long. It goes without saying that the dinner suit should look perfect. WILVORST is expert of festive menswear and therefore your ideal partner if you want to buy a first-class dinner suit and take an excellent tailoring and best materials for granted. In addition we offer you a complete package which contains everything that makes a dinner suit: jacket, trousers, shirt, shoes, sock and accessories. Of course, all elements are perfectly matched. The biggest advantage of WILVORST dinner suits is their appealing look. You can get a traditional dinner suit from us with its corresponding features. But you may as well choose a trendy or sustainable dinner suit from our range. Furthermore we permanently offer you the latest fashion trends. Whether you are looking for one dinner suit for a one-time event or even several dinner suits - with our support you are always best dressed.