...the perfect wedding suit for the wedding day! 

In the collection 2020 the complete look all around the wedding suit is important: A look all around the wedding suit which perfectly matches the look of the bride - in style and in color. Accessories form the indispensable connection to the wedding suit and festive combination. Opulent neckerchiefs, elegant bowties with matching braces, fine shirts, inspiring waistcoats and matching shoes and belt complete the creative complete look in combination with fashionable cufflinks. The perfect wedding suit look for the groom and the nicest day in his life.  

Wedding suit After Six Look 1 - 1.2020

Wedding suit in elegant shade of middle blue. This look for the groom wins over its exceptional style: 7 buttons, only one to be closed, an exceptional design. The fabric in elegant bicolor-design is modern and elegant at the same time, it is completed with the matching trouser in a plain cristal structure. A perfect look for any groom, who on the day of all days does not want to pale at the side of his bride.  

  • New stand-up collar with piping, conical form down to the closing button, outside edge with piping, 2 x 3 decorational buttons.
  • Slightly diagonally posed welt pocket with fine piping.
  • Front panel seam
  • Modern, large open round edge.
  • Center vent
  • Drop8 fitting (Super SlimLine) 
  • For matching shoes, shirt, belt and cufflinks please look for our recommendations of accessories!  


Article: 401103/33

Wedding suit collection WILVORST After Six Look 1 - 1.2020

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