The perfect Wedding Suit 2020 #HOCHZEITSLIEBE

WILVORST loves weddings and with the stylish collection AFTER SIX we offer ideal festive outfits for any groom. This way the groom will shine on the day of his wedding. True to the new motto of the collection: style, competence and individuality. No matter how and where you celebrate your wedding: WILVORST offers the perfect festive look in order to bring out the personality of the groom.

The segment formal wear relies on comfort technology, especially visible and sensible in the chosen materials as well as emotional styles with integrated, collection-forming competence. The result are modern, relaxed body-shaping silhouettes that in materialistic easiness support an individual presentation. New styles with a creative, soft shoulder-line as well as styles in gentle, slim waist- and hip-sizes flow into the up-coming collection as innovative optimizer of the styles. As in past seasons the complete look is essential for the groom: An all-around look of the wedding suit that is perfectly matching. Accessories form an essential link matching the wedding suit as well as the festive combination. Festive waistcoats with matching accessories, elegant braces, luxurious neckerchiefs, noble bowties, fine shirts, inspiring waistcoats and matching shoes with belts complete the creative total look. A complete perfect outfit, so the groom may shine at the side of his bride. Perfectly harmonizing and forming one unity.

The perfect festive look. Just right to celebrate the nicest day of life – at any place: BEACH, HOTEL or CITY. 

On this page you will find our latest wedding suit looks - by a click on the picture you will reach the discription and the details of this look! We wish you a lot of fun with these looks for the nicest day of your life! These new trends of wedding garments you will of course only find at WILVORST - the market leader of festive  evening wear!

In the field of wedding and festive evening wear the layout of the styles of wedding suits and festive waistcoats stays slim and body fitting, yet comfort and function offer a certain easiness in this new formed tailoring. The direction of the cuts and fittings stays visibly body fitting and hence modern, even though the silhouettes loose a bit of strictness and leave air to breathe on the nicest day of life – to celebrate, party and dance. Paired with personal attitude and the own style a lot of creation possibilities are offered to the groom when it comes to his wedding suit and the matching accessories. #hochzeitsliebe wins when it comes to styles, cuts and designs by sustainability, romance as well as coolness and a bit of rock star. These elements form the large frame of styles for exciting inspiration of the festive season 1.2019.
New, fuller lapels on peak lapels as well as on notch lapels, new positionings of the pockets, young and modern stand-up collars are being presented. Exciting styles of morning coats and inspiring collar- and shirt-variations play an important part in this design bouquet of new styles.

For the new collections of the season 1.2019 WILVORST guarantees a diversity of fabrics and colours. These new collections shine with a high degree of style, sexiness and individuality. Wool plays an important part, but not only pure, but also with perfectly matching effect yarns and new, modern compositions. Finest polyester yarns and innovative wool/polyester combinations produce nicest effects and form the guideline for new material developments. This clearly shows in competence, quality and comfortable easiness.
Rock the blue – the colour of previous seasons stays the gist of the season 1.2019. Colour tones like brittle or mocha are new companions when it comes to colours, since they perfectly match bridal dresses in ivory or cream.  New shades of grey up to the colour greige (mix of grey and beige) complement the diversity of colours. They range down to the young, modern evergreen black. Barolo red and black/red colour nuances become established as special highlights of the collection.


The range of waistcoats in the collection 1.2019 is presented manifold and comes along with elegant mini structures and inspiring mini patterns. Abstracted flowery designs form one of the focuses in this exciting collection of waistcoats. For a perfect completion new developed paisley structures with fine shot fabric effects have been added to perfectly match modern and young wedding suits.

Wedding Suit - what to pay attention to? Wedding Suit - what will  I wear? 

In general the wedding suit should fit perfectly, because on the nicest day of life focus should be put on love and not on a misfit wedding suit! The perfect fit of a wedding suit in combination with a fashionable style that underlines the character of the groom is essential for a wonderful celebration!  Don't make any compromisses and say "Yes I do" in a perfect wedding suit - it will make you shine at the side of the bride!

What to pay attention to when bying the personal wedding suit? Tips and tricks offered by the WILVORST experts.

The wedding suit should be tightly fitting, but too tight or too wide is a no-go - that's why the retailers of WILVORST like to help you with advise, because there is nothing worse than a misfit wedding suit. It might be talked about and that is not necessary...In case a standard size wedding suit will not fit you, you may order a made-to-measure suit offered by WILVORST After Six,  Prestige or Classics. The retailer will be at your service and measure yourself so WILVORST wil bel able to produce your perfectly fitting made-to-measure wedding suit. This way your wedding suit will fit perfectly - without any compromisses!

Which accessories should be combined with the wedding suit?

Besides the perfect wedding suit, which should stand in the center of the outfit, there are many little or large accessories that make a complete festive outfit of the wedding suit. First of all: festive waistcoats with matching neckerchief and pocketkerchief - this will make you stand out from the crowd. Furthermore you should choose matching shirt, shoes, belt and cufflinks. WILVORST offers all accessories matching the wedding suits of the collection, this assures the harmonical look of the groom - noble, harmonious and of high quality. Perfect for the nicest day of life!

Wedding Suit Brochures 2020 -  order NOW for free and be inspired!

You want to get informed about wedding suits and classic formal wear? Ask us for your free brochure. Our flyer all around the topic wedding suit, accessories and classic festive evening wear will be send to you by mail. Just send us an email to ! Did you know that twice a year WILVORST designes a brochure all around the topic wedding suit in which the wedding suits are perfectly set into scene - at different locations? WILVORST produces not only once but twice a year a complete new collection of wedding suits of the brands WILVORST After Six and TZIACCO. Wedding suits of the brand PRESTIGE by WILVORST are redesigned every once a year. Visiting fabric fairs, developping new designs, developping prototypes, booking the photo location etc. Every single one of our collections of wedding suits shall be perfect, we want to create something new in the world of fashion for the groom.This is the life cycle of our wedding collections! No matter which information all around the topic wedding suit you need, we will be at your service! From the proposal of marriage to the choice of your wedding suit: You have proposed marriage to the girl of your dreams or to the man of your dreams and the answer was: "Yes, I do"? In this case you should now start with the wedding preparations! Besides important decisions and bookings like location, dinner, guests, drinks and decoration that have to be made of course also the outfits of the wedding couple are most important on such a big day! Since the company foundation WILVORST is engaged in the production of wedding suits in order to make HIM look festive and fabulous on the nicest day of life. On the day of all days at the church as well as at the registry office WILVORST recommends a festive wedding suit with matching accessories such as for example leather shoes, belt, shirt, cufflinks and of course waistcoats with matching accessories (neckerchief, bowtie or tie).

Important: On the wedding day the groom should stay true to his style and emphazise his personality. Here it applies: conspicuous or inconspicuous, color or plain, slim or classic fit. The good: WILVORST offers many different styles of wedding suit - something for every taste! When it comes to colors the groom has a large choice with WILVORST: black, grey, brown, red, blue, green - all in different shades and variations. For such an important outfit as the wedding suit we as manufacturer of festive men's fashion recommend to visit a specialized retailer. Only there you will have competent advise - not only about the color and the style of an outfit. Your size will be determined so the suit will fit perfectly. Little alterations are possible and even a made-to-measure outfit can be ordered. All this will let you shine at the side of your bride on the day of your wedding. All WILVORST retailers you will find under Once you have chosen and ordered and picked up your wedding outfit, the wedding day comes closer and closer. On the wedding day you should pay attention to some rules about your wedding suit and the matching accessories - just to make sure it will be a perfect day.

Saying "Yes" in a WILVORST outfit: You have proposed marriage to your chosen one. She said "Yes!" Then off to the registry office. Important: the outfit! The wedding suit should in any case be made by WILVORST. Or something extravagant? Then you should have a look at our wedding suits NEW MENSWEAR TZIACCO - young wedding suits perfect for young, fashionable open-minded grooms. Experience a wedding suit in design and quality that only WILVORST can produce. Thanks to the manifold collections WILVORST can offer wedding suits for any taste. Wedding suit 2020: WILVORST loves weddings and the production of wedding suits. That's why WILVORST offers AFTER SIX and PRESTIGE - different fashion styles to assure you celebrate love on the nicest day of life in a perfect wedding suit. Trend colors for the wedding suit 2020 are black, brown, red and of course blue!

Our wedding suit checklist for the groom shows the most important tips, so nothing can go wrong on the wedding: 

Lower button of the jacket of the wedding suit open? 

Lower button of the waistcoat open?

All buttons of the festive shirt closed (also the top one)?

Is the collar of the shirt put underneath the collar of the jacket?

Neckerchief tight-fitting on the neck? Please, not too loose...

Pocketkerchief nicely folded in the breast pocket of the jacket?

Cuffs of the shirt slightly looking out of the sleeves of the jacket?

On double cuff shirts please do not forget the festive cufflinks.

Leather shoes cleaned?   

Soles of the shoes slightly roughened?

Leather shoes (especially the sole) are glossy and there is a risk of slipping! 

Have you worked off this checklist? Then you are perfectly dressed and you may say "YES"!  We wish you a fabulous wedding and a happy marriage!