The determining topic of the new collection: “style, innovation and individuality” – a central theme which will be found in all areas of the collection and which fashionably makes every prince charming shine at the side of his bride. The personal attitude and the own style are most important facts for the look 2020. Underlining the own style and not disguising on the nicest day of life – this is the device! Paired with sustainability, romance as well as coolness and a bit of rock star they form style sensation, innovation and individuality – a large frame of unique and sparkling inspiration.

An important focus within the collection 2020 presents a total look that is perfectly harmonizing: accessories form an indispensable connection to the wedding suit as well as to the festive combination. Noble braces, luxurious neckerchiefs, elegant bowties, fines shirts, inspiring waistcoats as well as matching shoes with belts complete the creative total look.
The intention is to dress the groom completely and to make him stand bright-eyed at the side of his bride.

On this page you will find our latest wedding suit looks - by a click on each picture you will see all the details and necessary information about the look!  We wish you a lot of fun with our looks for the nicest day in life! The latest trends of wedding suits you will of course only find at WILVORST - the market leader of festive evening wear!

In the field of wedding and festive evening wear the layout of the styles of wedding suits and festive waistcoats stays slim and body fitting, yet comfort and function offer a certain easiness in this new formed tailoring. The direction of the cuts and fittings stays visibly body fitting and hence modern, even though the silhouettes loose a bit of strictness and leave air to breathe on the nicest day of life – to celebrate, party and dance. Paired with personal attitude and the own style a lot of creation possibilities are offered to the groom when it comes to his wedding suit and the matching accessories. #hochzeitsliebe wins when it comes to styles, cuts and designs by sustainability, romance as well as coolness and a bit of rock star. These elements form the large frame of styles for exciting inspiration of the festive season 1.2019.
New, fuller lapels on peak lapels as well as on notch lapels, new positionings of the pockets, young and modern stand-up collars are being presented. Exciting styles of morning coats and inspiring collar- and shirt-variations play an important part in this design bouquet of new styles.

For the new collections of the season 1.2019 WILVORST guarantees a diversity of fabrics and colours. These new collections shine with a high degree of style, sexiness and individuality. Wool plays an important part, but not only pure, but also with perfectly matching effect yarns and new, modern compositions. Finest polyester yarns and innovative wool/polyester combinations produce nicest effects and form the guideline for new material developments. This clearly shows in competence, quality and comfortable easiness.
Rock the blue – the colour of previous seasons stays the gist of the season 1.2019. Colour tones like brittle or mocha are new companions when it comes to colours, since they perfectly match bridal dresses in ivory or cream.  New shades of grey up to the colour greige (mix of grey and beige) complement the diversity of colours. They range down to the young, modern evergreen black. Barolo red and black/red colour nuances become established as special highlights of the collection.


The range of waistcoats in the collection 1.2019 is presented manifold and comes along with elegant mini structures and inspiring mini patterns. Abstracted flowery designs form one of the focuses in this exciting collection of waistcoats. For a perfect completion new developed paisley structures with fine shot fabric effects have been added to perfectly match modern and young wedding suits.

Wedding Suit - what to pay attention to? Wedding Suit - what will  I wear? 

In general the wedding suit should fit perfectly, because on the nicest day of life focus should be put on love and not on a misfit wedding suit! The perfect fit of a wedding suit in combination with a fashionable style that underlines the character of the groom is essential for a wonderful celebration!  Don't make any compromisses and say "Yes I do" in a perfect wedding suit - it will make you shine at the side of the bride!

What to pay attention to when bying the personal wedding suit? Tips and tricks offered by the WILVORST experts.

The wedding suit should be tightly fitting, but too tight or too wide is a no-go - that's why the retailers of WILVORST like to help you with advise, because there is nothing worse than a misfit wedding suit. It might be talked about and that is not necessary...In case a standard size wedding suit will not fit you, you may order a made-to-measure suit offered by WILVORST After Six,  Prestige or Classics. The retailer will be at your service and measure yourself so WILVORST wil bel able to produce your perfectly fitting made-to-measure wedding suit. This way your wedding suit will fit perfectly - without any compromisses!

Which accessories should be combined with the wedding suit?

Besides the perfect wedding suit, which should stand in the center of the outfit, there are many little or large accessories that make a complete festive outfit of the wedding suit. First of all: festive waistcoats with matching neckerchief and pocketkerchief - this will make you stand out from the crowd. Furthermore you should choose matching shirt, shoes, belt and cufflinks. WILVORST offers all accessories matching the wedding suits of the collection, this assures the harmonical look of the groom - noble, harmonious and of high quality. Perfect for the nicest day of life!

Wedding Suit Brochures 2018/2019 -  order NOW for free and be inspired!

You want to get informed about wedding suits and classic formal wear? Ask us for your free brochure. Our flyer all around the topic wedding suit, accessories and classic festive evening wear will be send to you by mail. Just send us an email to ! Did you know that twice a year WILVORST designes a brochure all around the topic wedding suit in which the wedding suits are perfectly set into scene - at different locations? WILVORST produces not only once but twice a year a complete new collection of wedding suits of the brands WILVORST After Six and TZIACCO. Wedding suits of the brand PRESTIGE by WILVORST are redesigned every once a year. Visiting fabric fairs, developping new designs, developping prototypes, booking the photo location etc. Every single one of our collections of wedding suits shall be perfect, we want to create something new in the world of fashion for the groom.This is the life cycle of our wedding collections! No matter which information all around the topic wedding suit you need, we will be at your service! From the proposal of marriage to the choice of your wedding suit: You have proposed marriage to the girl of your dreams or to the man of your dreams and the answer was: "Yes, I do"? In this case you should now start with the wedding preparations! Besides important decisions and bookings like location, dinner, guests, drinks and decoration that have to be made of course also the outfits of the wedding couple are most important on such a big day! Since the company foundation WILVORST is engaged in the production of wedding suits in order to make HIM look festive and fabulous on the nicest day of life. On the day of all days at the church as well as at the registry office WILVORST recommends a festive wedding suit with matching accessories such as for example leather shoes, belt, shirt, cufflinks and of course waistcoat with matching accessories (neckerchief, bowtie or tie).



Wichtig: Auch am Hochzeitstag sollte der Bräutigam beim Hochzeitsanzug seinem Stil treu bleiben und seine Persönlichkeit unterstreichen.

Hier gilt es: auffällig vs. unauffällig, Farbe vs. schlicht, schlank vs. bequem. Das Gute: WILVORST bietet viele verschiedenen Hochzeitsanzugsstile für jeden Geschmack an! Auch farblich kann der Bräutigam bei WILVORST in Sachen Hochzeitsanzug aus dem vollen Schöpfen:  Schwarz, Grau, Braun, Rot, Blau, Grün  - alles in verschiedenen Farbtönen und -varianten.Bei so einem wichtigem Outfit, wie dem Hochzeitsanzug, empfehlen wir als Hersteller von festlicher Bekleidung, den Fach- und Einzelhandel aufzusuchen, denn nur hier werden Sie durch Fachpersonal beraten. Hier geht es nicht nur um die Beratung in Sachen Farbe und Schnitt, sondern auch Ihre Größe zu eruieren, damit der Hochzeitsanzug auch perfekt passt - natürlich sind hier auch Änderungen oder sogar Massanfertigungen möglich, um Sie in ihrem Hochzeitsanzug strahlen zu lassen. Alle Fach- und Einzelhändler finden Sie unter wo.WILVORST.de. Wenn Ihr Anzug ausgesucht und bestellt sowie abgeholt ist, schreitet der Hochzeitstag immer näher. Auch am Hochzeitstag sollten Sie beim Anziehen ihres Hochzeitsanzuges sowie der dazugehörigen Accessoires noch ein paar Dinge beachten, damit ihr Hochzeitstag modisch gesehen nicht ins Wasser fällt. 

"JA" sagen im WILVORST Hochzeitsanzug: Sie haben Ihrer Auserwählten den Antrag gemacht? Sie hat "JA" gesagt? Dann nichts wie ab zum Standesamt. Wichtig: das Outfit! Ein Hochzeitsanzug sollte auf jeden Fall von WILVORST sein. Oder was Extravagantes? Dann sollten Sie sich  mal unsere Hochzeitsanzug NEW MENSWEAR TZIACCO ansehen, junge Hochzeitsanzüge perfekt für junge, modisch aufgeschlossene Bräutigame. Erleben Sie einen Hochzeitsanzug in Design und Qualität, wie ihn nur WILVORST fertigen kann. Dank der vielfältigen Kollektionen bietet WILVORST Hochzeitsanzüge für jeden Geschmack an. Hochzeitsanzug 2018 und 2019: WILVORST liebt Hochzeiten und somit auch das Fertigen von Hochzeitsanzügen. Deshalb bietet WILVORST mit AFTER SIX und PRESTIGE unterschiedliche Stilrichtungen an, um am schönsten Tag im Leben die Liebe im perfekten Hochzeitsanzug zu feiern. Jeder Mensch hat andere Vorstellungen von seinem Wunschhochzeitsanzug, und deshalb ist der Hochzeitsanzug 2018 der, der Ihnen am Besten gefällt - WILVORST unterstützt Sie mit verschiedenen Stilrichtungen bei Ihrer Auswahl des perfekten Hochzeitsanzugs.Trendfarben beim Hochzeitsanzug sind 2018 Schwarz, Braun, Rot und natürlich Blau!

Unsere Hochzeitsanzug Checkliste für den Bräutigam listet da nochmal die wichtigsten Hinweise auf, so kann nichts schief gehen: 

Unterer Sakkoknopf des Hochzeitsanzug geöffnet? 

Unterer Westenknopf geöffnet?

Alle Hemdenknöpfe geschlossen (auch der ganz oberste) beim festlichen Hemd?

Befindet sich der Hemdkragen unter dem Sakkokragen vom Hochzeitsanzug?

Plastron eng am Hals anliegend? Bitte hier nicht zu locker...

Einstecktuch im Sakko vom Hochzeitsanzug schön drappiert?

Hemdmanschette leicht unter dem Sakkoärmel des Hochzeitsanzug hervorschauend?

Bei einem Doppelmanschetten-Hemd bitte die festlichen Manschettenknöpfe nicht vergessen 

Lederschuhe poliert?    

Haben Sie die Schuhsohle leicht angeraut?

Lederschuhe (vor allem die Ledersohle) sind glatt und es besteht sonst Rutschgefahr! 

Haben Sie diese Checkliste abgearbeitet? Dann sind Sie mit ihrem Hochzeitsanzug perfekt angezogen und können JA sagen! Wir wünschen eine fabelhafte Hochzeit und einer glückliche Ehe!