...opulent, superior style which underlines the personality of the groom! 

PRESTIGE is the most exclusive and high-quality collection offered by WILVORST - with high-quality standards and finest equipping. This season PRESTIGE stands for trendsetting, noble opulence in sensual clearness - the stylish WILVORST DNA for all festive collections offered by WILVORST. Unique and elegant fabrics, distinctive design, outstanding interplay between material, silhouettes, cuts, workmanship, colors and design as well as a nice portion of sexiness are the pillars of PRESTIGE.

The determining topic of the new collection is "trendsetting, noble opulence in sensual clearness" together with - #modern luxury - the central theme that applies for all the WILVORST collection areas. An elegant opulence together with most noble fabric compositions are style factor and indispensable for the WILVORST premium collection PRESTIGE. 

PRESTIGE wins over its opulent superior style that underlines the personality of the groom and his individual significant look.  

PRESTIGE is characterized by its visible slim and bodyfitting cuts. All models of this collection are presented in the super slim line Drop 8 fitting. This way they appear modern, noble and slim and express a certain sexiness. Besides the creative lines with innovative, precious fabrics a special „relaxed-feeling“ is put into scene - namely PRESTIGE.  

These fabrics of high quality are perfectly completed by the equipping of PRESTIGE, which also expresses finest materials and exclusive workmanship. Golden pipings and linings of high quality win over their pure luxury and round off the outfit perfectly - also at second sight. Besides the fabrics of high quality and the elegant equipping the model statement offers elegance, opulence, romance and coolness at the same time. The portfolio of the models is many-sided and noble: creative one- and two-button styles underline the manifold design competence of the new collection and the new long-, semi-long and short-long jackets with very innovative, modern collars, new created edges, individual back parts of the jackets and special creations of the sleeves. All these features allow a high degree of stylish individuality and personality.

The further developed PRESTIGE styles present outstanding and noble details such as for example the newly arranged front stitching, a fine new piping as well as welt pockets, double jetted pockets and flap pockets in individually inclined positioning. High-quality details and fancy elements that guarantee a style forming fashionable entrance. New innovative solutions of the collar from peak lapel over modern, fuller notch lapels up to cool elegant stand-up collars, cup-shaped collars and shirt-collars underline the creative competence of the new PRESTIGE collection. The design individuality of PRESTIGE is furthermore underlined by elegant pipings. A perfect addition is the nice bouquet of new styles of waistcoats - offering different collars as well as the back of lining or of fabric.

This underlines the high-quality and the importance of the event-, formal- and wedding suit and hence the individual profile of PRESTIGE, the most elegant and first-class collection offered by WILVORST.