Morning Coat

...classy wedding suit and the tailcoat of the daytime!

Did you know that the morning coat is the classy wedding suit? A look into the European royal houses will be helpful. At a wedding in the morning time the morning coat - which in German is called the "Cut" - should be worn. With the new collection COOL CLASSICs Cuts by WILVORST the topic morning coat is rediscovered as the new modern wedding suit and also as formal outfit. Besides the classy styles (the morning coat is the very festive, classy wedding suit) there are new, young and modern variations in slim line and with extravagant accessories. True to the motto: Morning coats offered by WILVORST - wedding suits for classy weddings and cool nights.




With our morning coats we recommend the following accessories

You have received an invitation stating the dress code: Cutaway / morning coat? Then this is an official request to wear the morning coat. The morning coat is the evening tailsuit of the daytime, it is the most formal suit for the daytime. In Britain the cutaway is called morning coat. This name perfectly defines the time of the day to wear this formal garment. The German name "Cut" is due to its open round edge in the front. (english from "to cut") Furthermore the morning coat is a classy wedding outfit, especially at royal weddings. It is also worn at state funerals, state receptions in the daytime or conferrings of an order. It simply is the counterpart of the tailsuit for the daytime. The rule of thumb is to wear it in the daytime until 3.00 p.m. or until sundown - afterwards at the evening event the evening tailsuit should be worn. What should the ladies wear to fit with the morning coat? Dress with matching jacket or coat or a ladies suit. Shoes: elegant -  nylon stockings at obsequies. 

Styling tips aside from the formal dress code 

For classy weddings (the morning coat as classy wedding suit): The following clothing rules exist for the classy morning coat: striped trousers, light grey waistcoat, white shirt with silver or colored tie. As alternative a wing collar shirt with silver neckerchief can be combined.

For cool nights (the morning coat as cool party suit): new fabrics, slim fittings, modern pocket- and lapel-solutions and new accessories such as trendy waistcoats and colored ties - these are the new WILVORST morning coat outfits.These stylish new cool morning coats offered by WILVORST may also be worn in the evening, f.e. at a party or at a wedding festivity in the later evening.

Just awesome (just awesome in any situation): the combination and the styling are the determining factors. In next to no time your wedding suit will turn into a look for Royal Ascot. The dot on the i is the grey top hat.

Royal Ascot – between horse racing and dress code!

Royal Ascot – between horse racing and dress code: gentlemen wear morning coat.

Royal Ascot – the famous British horse race near Windsor – takes place at the Ascot race course since August 11th, 1711. This year it will be carried out from June 16th to June 20th, 2020. Meantime Royal Ascot is internationally known. Pictures of the large hats of the ladies go around the world. This horse race is an absolute popular success with around 80.000 guests per day. The dress code for the race meeting in general is a “Smart Dress Code” – for the “Royal Enclosure” only formal wear is acceptable e. g. morning wear and top hat must be worn or you will be refused entry. Black top hats - particularly black silk top hats are the preferred option but grey is also allowed. Ladies should wear a suitable summer dress and should pay attention that the dress or skirt does not show knee. A nice hat or modern fascinator are a must and often they are produced time consuming – as usually with no limits to creativity.

 The morning coat is the evening tailcoat of the day – it is suitable for occasions from morning to 3.00 p.m. The morning coat is combined with striped trousers and a grey waistcoat with white standard collar shirt as well as grey neckerchief. Alternatively a colorful waistcoat may be combined – such as for example the gentlemen of the British Royal House like to do. Fashionable variations such as blue morning coat with grey waistcoat are also trendy, since here classic meets modern spirit. A bowtie should not be combined with the classic morning coat. High point of the outfit is the top hat.

Royal Ascot – the famous British horse race will be presented from June 16th to June 20nd 2020 in Ascot near Windsor.