Collection of Wedding Suits 2019/20


...different fashion styles all around the wedding suit for the nicest day of life!

With the different collections and brands WILVORST offers different fashion styles for the nicest day of life. With WILVORST After Six you will find an elegant and modern wedding suit with matching accessories like waistcoat, neckerchief & more. COOL Wedding as capsule collection of After Six guarantees that the outfits of the groom and his friends harmonize perfectly. Green Wedding is the first collection that is engaged in sustainable garments, fairness and naturalness. Prestige by WILVORST stands for wedding suits of highest quality in Italian design. TZIACCO is specialised on extravagant, royal styles and only since a short time TZIACCO offers exclusive styles for the bride and the maid of honor. It doesn't matter which style you prefer for your wedding suit, WILVORST has the matching look on offer! Choose your collection and your style!


Wedding Suit - what to pay attention to? Wedding Suit - what will  I wear? 

In general the wedding suit should fit perfectly, because on the nicest day of life focus should be put on love and not on a misfit wedding suit! The perfect fit of a wedding suit in combination with a fashionable style that underlines the character of the groom is essential for a wonderful celebration!  Don't make any compromisses and say "Yes I do" in a perfect wedding suit - it will make you shine at the side of the bride!

What to pay attention to when bying the personal wedding suit? Tips and tricks offered by the WILVORST experts.

The wedding suit should be tightly fitting, but too tight or too wide is a no-go - that's why the retailers of WILVORST like to help you with advise, because there is nothing worse than a misfit wedding suit. It might be talked about and that is not necessary...In case a standard size wedding suit will not fit you, you may order a made-to-measure suit offered by WILVORST After Six,  Prestige or Classics. The retailer will be at your service and measure yourself so WILVORST wil bel able to produce your perfectly fitting made-to-measure wedding suit. This way your wedding suit will fit perfectly - without any compromisses!

Which accessories should be combined with the wedding suit?

Besides the perfect wedding suit, which should stand in the center of the outfit, there are many little or large accessories that make a complete festive outfit of the wedding suit. First of all: festive waistcoats with matching neckerchief and pocketkerchief - this will make you stand out from the crowd. Furthermore you should choose matching shirt, shoes, belt and cufflinks. WILVORST offers all accessories matching the wedding suits of the collection, this assures the harmonical look of the groom - noble, harmonious and of high quality. Perfect for the nicest day of life!