...perfect looks all around the wedding suit for the nicest moments in life!

WLVORST loves weddings and in the WEDDING GUIDE 1.2019  with the stylish collections AFTER SIX and the capsule collection COOL WEDDING we offer the perfect festive outfit for any groom and the  #teamgroom. Love should be celebrated in a perfect look.  #hochzeitsliebe for the groom and his  #groomsmen. An important focus of the collection 1.2019 presents the complete look that is perfectly harmonizing.

Wedding Suit After Six Look 6 & 7 - 1.2019

Look 6: Wedding suit in grey.  Festive 1-button wedding suit in fine young mini structure with silk effect and perfectly matching waistcoat plus noble bowtie with pocketkerchief.             

  • new, modern, full peak lapel with AMF stitching and decorating seam
  • new, diagonally posed slim flap pocket with AMF stitching
  • modern, open round edge in the look of a morning coat with AMF stitching
  • classic breast pocket
  • side vents 

Look 7: Wedding suit in blue. Fresh, young plain wedding suit with crystal effects in expressive colors in the well-tried mixture of wool and polyester.  The contrasting waistcoat with bowtie and pocketkerchief of high quality lends the festive impression to this outfit.

  • new, modern peak lapel 
  • slightly diagonally posed flap pockets with double piping ticket pocket
  • modern, a little more open round edge
  • classic breast pocket
  • side vents 

Article: 491101/64 Collection WILVORST After Six Look 6 - 1.2019

Article: 451100/35 Collection WILVORST After Six Look 7 - 1.2019