1. The wedding suit is the centerpiece of the outfit for the groom.  A suit consists of jacket and trousers.  A three-piece suit consists of jacket, trousers and waistcoat made from the same fabric.
  2. The blazer is a description of a jacket in leisure look. The groom only wears a classic blazer if the wedding is quite casual. Otherwise the groom wears a festive wedding suit or a festive combination.
  3. The morning coat is the evening tail coat of the day and it is worn until 3.00 p.m. only.  The morning coat is the classic traditional wedding suit.  The morning coat is combined with a grey striped trousers and a silver grey waistcoat with white shirt and silver grey neckerchief or tie. In Britain also more colorful alternatives of the accessories are on offer.
  4. The dress code expresses what should be worn at a wedding. For example “Black Tie” or “White Tie”.
  5. The pocketkerchief made by WILVORST is always combined with a matching neckerchief. These sets are on offer in different looks, f.e. different folding technics and it is produced either folded or only rather baggy. It should harmonize with the general look of the wedding.
  6. The evening tail coat is the king of festive evening wear: timeless, handsome, precious. It is the official outfit for highly official occasions.  If an invitation card says “White Tie” it means that an evening tail coat should be worn. A general rule of thumb: the evening tail coat should be worn after 3.00 p.m. or even better after nightfall. It is not a wedding suit.
  7. Guests of a wedding party should dress conform with the dress code and the kind of festivity. It may vary from casual up to highly festive.
  8. Braces are absolute trendy at the moment and they are being combined with matching bowtie and pocketkerchief. As of late they are on offer in the AFTER SIX collection offered by WILVORST.
  9. The equipping of a suit is decoration at second sight. Especially our collection PRESTIGE is produced with an equipping of highest quality.
  10. Wedding anniversary: If your wedding suit still fits you should take it out of the wardrobe and celebrate a romantic wedding anniversary with your wife. This will awake wedding feelings.
  11. The cummerbund is an alternative to the waistcoat. It is an attractive sash that comes in a set with a matching bowtie and pocketkerchief.  The pleats of the cummerbund show upwards so tickets and cards may be stuck inside. In the classic way the cummerbund is worn with the dinner suit. Wilvorst offers the cummerbund set in many different colors, each in a set with the matching bowtie.
  12. Long jackets are trendy. Our product line TZIACCO offers many different very interesting uniform-like versions of long jackets.
  13. WILVORST also offers cufflinks. What jewelry is for the ladies that are cufflinks for the groom. Cufflinks should be matching the wedding suit.
  14. New trends. When it comes to fashion you will always be up-to-date with WILVORST. Twice a year we develop a new collection around the topic wedding suit in order to perfectly be adjusted to the new trends of wedding dresses.
  15. Fabrics. WILVORST offers several hundreds of different fabrics for your wedding suit. Your retailer will be pleased to advise you.
  16. A neckerchief made by WILVORST is the festive alternative to the tie and it is much more voluminous. Especially combined with the wedding suit a neckerchief is a very nice accessory which underlines the festivity of this occasion.
  17. Large choice.  AFTER SIX, PRESTIGE, CLASSICS and TZIACCO – when it comes to the style of your wedding suit - with WILVORST you will for sure have a large choice.
  18. The wedding jacket should have a peak lapel or a notch lapel - also many different kinds of stand-up collars are popular.
  19. The dinner suit (dress code: “Black Tie”) is not a wedding suit, but it is the right choice for festive occasions after 6.00 p.m.
  20. For the groom the pocket watch is a festive alternative to the wrist watch.
  21. Undershirt. Festive shirts may be a little transparent, so please think of a nice undershirt or as an alternative a T-shirt.
  22. The expression “veston” is an alternative expression for the jacket.
  23. In the ideal case the wedding suit should harmonize with the wedding dress.  At least the waistcoat should match the dress. This way the overall picture of the wedding couple will simply be wonderful.
  24. On your wedding date  - the nice day in your life – you should look special. That’s why we propose to use very special details in order to make your outfit unique.
  25. Youth look: Wedding suits of the new generation are made in the trendy youth look of the generation x and y.  Our “New Wedding Collection” will convince you of this look.
  26. Double breasted: The double breasted wedding suit in its trendy slim fitting celebrates a comeback. Our new wedding collection wins over its modernity and a touch of retro wedding.

Style Guide of Wedding Suits and Co.

....Well dressed...... here you find our Wedding Style Guide!

A wedding outfit is much more than only the suit. In order to clarify these questions we have developed a guidepost of men's fashion for weddings.