.....of course with the matching wedding dress and wedding suit! 

Meantime many bridal couples put their wedding under a certain motto like for example beach party or barn party. Anything is possible! Here we would like to introduce to you our most favorite wedding mottos.  

Wedding motto Vintage

Vintage wedding is trendy

Wallow during your wedding in former times! A vintage wedding is the best possibility to celebrate a sustainable and favorable wedding. Feel free to recycle old heirlooms and to decorate your wedding dream with old memories. In the brand new WILVORST collections you will find wedding suits that are inspired by this trend. 

Fairytale Wedding

Getting married like prince and princess

You have found the prince of your life? Then he needs a wedding suit in the style of a prince and you need a real dress for a princess. Where will the party take place? Stylish on a castle or in an elegant country house hotel? This surely is the recommendation we would like to make for a wedding motto of this kind. 

Beach Wedding

Romantic & Ocean!

Absolutely trendy is the motto "Beach Wedding" or simply a classy, cool hippie beach wedding. What do you need for it? Food, beach decoration, cushions, pavilions, music, guests and a nice location near the ocean. Simply a dream. Best is, to ask the local tourist organization in Germany (or any other country), if such a party is possible and which formalities have to be organized in order to fulfill such a dream.  


in a wonderful country-style atmosphere!

More and more wedding couples remember their region and concerning their party they come back to their roots and their region. Many people get married in a costume and plan their wedding party with food, decoration and a location matching their own region with local specialities - just as on our shooting in South Tyrol in the year 2000. 

Barn barty

romantic and rustic!

You do not have a large budget but still want to celebrate large? How about an unconventional barn party? Decoration may be self-made and the more randon selection you have, the nicer the complete picture will look. Here men and animal may easily celebrate together!