Prominent Fans of WILVORST

Since many year WILVORST cooperates successfully with prominent people. Especially on the red carpet when the dress code is: "Black Tie"  WILVORST the specialist for festive evening wear should not be missing. From dinner suit to festive accessories WILVORST offers the all-around-careless package. The prominents know to appreciate it. On many occasions prominent personalities wear an outfit made by WILVORST!!

All Prominents you will find here...!

Adnan Maral

Carl Carlton

Daniel Hope

Mr. Piano

Cathedral Festival

Eric Fernando Botteghin

Kessler & Matschke

Weddingplaner Froonck Mattée

Guido Maria Kretschmer

Noah Becker

Paul Henry Duval

Ross Antony

Marc Sebastian Esser

Uwe Bohm