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WILVORST presents new Trends at the PANORAMA

Our new, festive collections of wedding suits  WILVORST After Six, WILVORST Green Wedding, PRESTIGE and TZIACCO will be presented at the PANORAMA in Berlin. 

You want to experience our latest, festive trends and our collections WILVORST and TZIACCO? We will present all NEWS of our festive labels as well as latest trends at the retail fair PANORAMA Berlin in line with the Berlin Fashion Week from 02.07 - 04.07.2019. We very much look forward to seeing you on our stand in hall 2, stand 2.45.

Morning Coat: the classic Wedding Suit

Did you know that the morning coat is the most classic wedding suit? Perfect orientation can be found at the European royal houses. The royals always wear a morning coat at weddings that are celebrated in the daytime.

You want to get married in the style of the royals? In this case you should decide for a morning coat on the nicest day of your life. The morning coat is THE classic wedding suit – especially at royal weddings. It is also called „tails of the daytime“, since it is the most formal outfit for the daytime. Not only weddings are its domain, but also state funerals, state receptions during the daytime or awards / decorations. It is also a must-have garment at the famous  ROYAL ASCOT horse race event, which takes place each year in the month of June.

First Limited Stock Program of Bestsellers 2.2019

In addition to the successful stock program HOTLINE  which is offered twice a year for WILVORST as well as for TZIACCO,  now for the first time WILVORST offers a new, exclusive Limited Stock program of bestsellers of the latest collections WILVORST, TZIACCO and Green Wedding.

NEW on stock: Two trend topics of each collection WILVORST, TZIACCO und Green Wedding are available in a limited stock program from the end of May 2019. The retail will profit from short delivery times and has guaranteed latest trends as limited edition available in the shop – only as long as stock will last. Of course the retail may also order these latest trends in our B2B shop. Here all these garments are presented as hollowman photographies.

Wedding Suit Trends 2.2019 available in the Retail since April

Our new festive collections of wedding suits WILVORST After Six, WILVORST Green Wedding and TZIACCO  are available in the retail since April.

WILVORST loves weddings and with the stylish collections the ideal festive outfit for any groom is on offer. In order to celebrate love in a perfect look aesthetics and authenticity are very important. The determining subject of the new collection is: “clarity, easiness and relaxation” – the central theme of the collection After Six. It fashionably makes any groom shine at the side of his bride. Clarity means putting focus on the essential – clear styles convince. Easiness and a virtuosic, clear relaxation are reflected in the styles as well as in the materials. Wedding suits in perfection - made by WILVORST!


Styling Tips for the Groom on his Wedding Day

The wedding is planned, the guests have been invited and the outfits have been bought. The big day, the nicest day in life is just around the corner. What should the groom pay attention to when it comes to his outfit? Which styling tips are important for the wedding suit? Our recommendations in styling will help you shine at the side of your bride – for an unforgettable day!

The most important tip: enlist the assistance of your best man! Your best man can help you go through the WILVORST check list and will pay attention to details.

New WILVORST Green Wedding Collection available in the Retail

Fashion is a mirror of time as well as formative for the future. Fairness, sustainability and thinking ahead are very important for WILVORST Green Wedding: many people dress fair and sustainable in normal life, they think of the future and live conscious. This should also be reflected on the nicest day of life.


WILVORST as market leader for festive evening wear for men presents as first manufacturer sustainable wedding garments and meets the spirit of the time – and this already for the third season.

Winner #deinwilvorstmoment2018

Winner #deinwilvorstmoment2018

Since 1916 WILVORST accompanies Bridal Couples on their nicest Day of Life - with our Wedding Looks. 

Also in 2018 we wanted to know, what YOUR nicest WILVORST moment looks like and together with the 5* Relais & Châteaux Hardenberg BurgHotel  as well as the hotel  FREIgeist in Northeim #deinwilvorstmoment2018 we have looked for your nicest moment. We want to thank all bridal couples that took part of this competition. All wedding photographies have touched us and every moment was unique and full of love.

Wedding Suit on Made to Measure - Made in Germany

You do not fit into a standard size? All suits of the product groups CLASSICS, AFTER SIX and PRESTIGE we also offer on made-to-measure. All measurement suits offered by WILVORST are 100 % Made in Germany, designed, prepared and produced in Germany as well.

Even though many sizes are available, there are yet customers who do not get along with these sizes.  For these customers we offer our complete range also on made-to-measure. WILVORST offers an exclusive, large collection: 200 styles and 1.000 fabrics, available in 100 sizes.

The perfect Wedding Suit for any Groom

For the big moment – the nicest day in life only the best is good enough. At WILVORST you may choose your perfect wedding suit from different collections and different lines of style.

With WILVORST AFTER SIX, TZIACCO and PRESTIGE by WILVORST the groom will be spoilt for choice when it comes to his perfect look. Under the motto #hochzeitsliebe WILVORST offers (almost) anything men could desire when it comes to style and color as well as cut and trends.

Winner #deinwilvorstmoment2018

Since 1916 WILVORST accompanies Bridal Couples on their nicest Day of Life - with our Wedding Looks.

Also in 2018 we wanted to know, what YOUR nicest WILVORST moment looks like and together with the 5* Relais & Châteaux Hardenberg BurgHotel  as well as the hotel  FREIgeist in Northeim #deinwilvorstmoment2018 we have looked for your nicest moment. We want to thank all bridal couples that took part of this competition. All wedding photographies have touched us and every moment was unique and full of love.

„Alles Walzer“ at the Opera Ball

With up to 12,000 visitors the Vienna Opera Ball is one of the top events of the ball season. It does not only attract debutants but also many notables from Europe or even the United States. Dress code: white tie.

At the Vienna Opera Ball the strict dress code is white tie and tails for men – alternatively they may also wear a dress uniform – no other outfit is allowed. All female guests are requested to wear a floor-length gown. The evening tailcoat (of course made by WILVORST) is the king of formal wear: timeless, male, precious – the official attire for very formal occasions.

WILVORST in the movie „100 DINGE“ – from December 6th, in the cinema

WILVORST ist im neuen Film 100 DINGE von Florian David Fitz – mit ihm selbst und Matthias Schweighöfer, mit Anzügen, Hemden und Accessoires im Kleiderschrank von TONI präsent. Wir freuen uns sehr, Teil dieses Filmes zu sein und sind bereits jetzt auf das Endergebnis gespannt.


WILVORST ist stolz darauf, mit Anzügen, Westen, Hemden und Schuhen im Kleiderschrank von Toni, gespielt von Matthias Schweighöfer, Teil dieses wunderbaren Filmes zu sein!

The festive Season is just around the Corner

The festive season is just around the corner and contrary to most opinions, that the winter time is rather grey and dreary, the festive season with WILVORST will be #COLORFUL.

The dinner suits available from stock are not only on offer in black and grey but also in the colors blue and red and - NEW - in a fashionable green. No matter where you celebrate Christmas or New Year’s Eve – with a dinner suit you will be dressed trendy and just right for any festivity. With the COOL CLASSICs WILVORST interprets the dinner suit new and modern – ideal for any Christmas party or a cool New Year’s Eve.

Dress Code: Morning Coat and Hat at Royal Ascot!

Royal Ascot – the famous British horse race takes place on the Ascot Race Course close to Windsor since August 11th, 1711.  Until today the British Royal family is patron of this traditional British event.

Meantime Royal Ascot is internationally known, the pictures of the large hats of the ladies go around the world. This horse race is an absolute popular success with about 80.000 guests per day. Due to the large number of visitors it has become the largest horse race in Britain with many well known guests of the higher nobility. Even the Queen and her family visit Royal Ascot every year.

Up to today the dress code must be strictly adhered to, otherwise admission will not be allowed. Ladies should wear an adequate summer outfit. Dresses and skirts should in any case be in a length down to the knee / not shorter than the knee. Hat or fascinator are a must-have and they often are complex to produce –  every year again there are no limits fixed to the creativity.

Gentlemen wear the traditional morning coat (also called cutaway).

Green Wedding Suits available in the Retail

From October 2018 the new, sustainable WILVORST Green Wedding Collection will finally be available in the WILVORST retail shops! We think about the future. And you? You think about the future and dress fair and sustainable in the normal course of life – why not also at your wedding? Your lifestyle, your wedding!


For the first time WILVORST – the market leader for festive evening wear – presents a sustainable, faire collection of wedding suits, that allows getting married with a calm conscience. This collection is available in the retail beginning the end of October / middle of November.

WILVORST is Fashionpartner of Bayer 04 Leverkusen

Der Marktführer für festliche Bekleidung, WILVORST aus Northeim, ist für  drei Jahre der neue Fashionpartner des erfolgreichen Bundesligisten und Europa League-Teilnehmers Bayer 04 Leverkusen. 


WILVORST ist seit Saison 2018/19 Partner im Sponsorenclub und stattet die Lizenzmannschaft, die Vereinsführung sowie die Mitarbeiter mit exklusiver Herrenbekleidung aus. Die Spieler und der Trainerstab werden die am Markt erfolgreiche Marke TZIACCO tragen. TZIACCO ist die New Menswear der festlichen Bekleidung von WILVORST: individuell, modern und elegant zugleich. Die Mitglieder der Vereinsführung sowie aller Gremien und die Mitarbeiter werden mit einem edlen Modern Fit Look von WILVORST ausgestattet.

Trend Wedding Suit of the Month of October 2018

WILVORST stellt Ihnen seit Anfang 2018 in jedem Monat einen Hochzeitsanzug Trend vor, im Monat Oktober ist dies ein Bräutigamslook in einem trendigen Blau. Dieser Look ist aus der neuen Kollektion Frühjahr/Sommer, welche ab 15.10.2018 bei ihrem WILVORST Fachhandel erhältlich ist! Ein cooler, moderner Hochzeitsanzug - perfekt für jeden Bräutigam. 


Aber was genau macht unseren Trend Hochzeitsanzug des Monats Oktober aus? Es ist ein moderner, einreihiger 2- Knopf Anlassanzug in der Farbe Dunkelblau mit einer wertigen Woll-Polyesterkomposition, mit junger pinhead Dessinierung und weichem Griff. Die im Kontrast stehende Weste mit Plastron und Einstecktuch geben dem Outfit Chic und Noblesse. Perfekt für jeden Bräutigam, der neben seiner Braut strahlen will! Dieser Look ist ab sofort im Fachhandel erhältlich! Unsere Hochzeitsanzüge finden Sie ausschließlich im Fachhandel.

Festive Waistcoats to combine with the Wedding Suit

The waistcoat-set is the famous „dot on the i“. 


A decorative waistcoat in connection with neckerchief and pocketkerchief is the creative link to a festive wedding outfit and will grade up any wedding suit. Trend colour: Shimmering shades of blue matching the latest wedding suits in blue.

Trend Wedding Suit September 2018

Every month WILVORST presents a new wedding suit trend. This September it is an elegant jacket made from an expressive jacquard with perfectly matching accessories. It is the right choice to combine with bridal dresses in white or cream and a real eye-catcher. 

The 5-button jacket of our wedding suit September 2018 wins over its expressive jacquard in bicolor in a dark blue. The matching trousers is made of a wool polyester mixture of high quality in a matching anthracite. Ideal to combine with a white shirt of our shirts collection.

Trends 2019 - available in the Retail from October

WILVORST loves weddings and in their new WEDDING GUIDE 1.2019 with AFTER SIX and the capsule line COOL WEDDING they offer the perfect festive outfit for every groom and the #teamgroom – all this to celebrate love in a perfect look. #hochzeitsliebe for the  wedding party – especially for the groom and his #groomsmen. 


The personal attitude and the own style are most important facts for the look 2019. Underlining the own style and not disguising on the nicest day of life – this is the device! Paired with sustainability, romance as well as coolness and a bit of rock star they form style sensation, innovation and individuality – a large frame of unique and sparkling inspiration.

New Collection of Belts rounds off the Outfit


WILVORST expands the manifold program of accessories matching the wedding suit or any other festive evening outfit: a new collection of belts.

All belts perfectly match the shoes of the present collection and complete any festive look perfectly. The new collection of belts will be offered in the retailers shops from the middle of June 2018. In total the collection comprises 15 belts, one style in 15 different articles and colors, each matching the respective festive shoes.

Mister Matthew in elegant white WILVORST Tuxedo

We are very pleased that the well know fashion- and lifestyle blogger Mister Matthew has decided for an outfit offered by WILVORST when visiting the London Fashion Awards 2017.

In December the well known fashion blogger Mister Matthew visited the London Fashion Awards. On the red carpet of the award he wore a white tuxedo made by WILVORST. He liked this look so much that he will wear at again at the Semper Opera Ball.

Dress Code: Dinnersuit in Barolo-Red

The HIGHLIGHT of the season: a dinner suit in exclusive Barolo-red - available immediately.

This new colorness will literally create a firework on the skyline of festive evening wear and it will be an absolute eye catcher.  Produced from an Italian fabric composed of wool and mohair this dinner suit is just perfect to stand out from the crowd. The collar as well as the elegant silk buttons in black form a perfect contrast to this fabric in dark red with a nice shine.

Festive Shoes matching the Wedding Suit

The elegant shoe collection offered by WILVORST convinces thanks to its Italian design of high quality, finest leather, modern designs and colors – matching every elegant wedding suit, formal suit or festive outfit.

All styles of the WILVORST shoe collection are cut comfortably with a loose fitting and a nice wearing comfort. They nicely adapt to the wearer - without appearing wide. This range of elegant shoes offered by WILVORST will be expanded by a few new offers. The range includes nicest patent leather shoes as well as leather shoes suitable for the office.