WILVORST: Festive Evening Wear Made in Germany

Germany is the second-popular country (the US rank first)- according to the Nation Brand Index (NBI) 2016. Made in Germany is in - not only for cars but also for garments. WILVORST produces in Northeim, in Germany wedding suits, waistcoats, morning coats and single garments. At home in Germany and the world - wedding suit international.

As one of the few manufacturers of high-quality fashion brands WILVORST produces in Germany, in the town of Northeim in Lower Saxony. More than 200 staff members do their daily job in order to make WILVORST successful. Only the best, for the most beautiful day in life. WILVORST focuses on quality made in Germany, trains staff and invests in Germany. The evaluation of the recently published Nation Brand Index 2016 shows that Germany is seen as a ‘modern, progressive and reliable country with qualified and hard working people’ – WILVORST stands for these values. Quality, high fashion, reliability, progress and highly qualified staff are corner stones of WILVORST’s success.

WILVORST Facts & Data.....

  • - Quality
  • - From the development and design to the manufacture: WILVORST develops and produces in Germany and guarantees highest quality.
  • - Fashion
  • - WILVORST manufactures 196 suits and 80 waistcoats in Northeim every day – and of course, ‘made in Germany’. WILVORST offers you an exclusive and wide-ranging collection: more than 200 styles and 1.000 cloths – possible in 100 sizes. Here, everybody finds what he likes and what suits him best.
  • - Reliability
  • - WILVORST spells individuality with a capital I. It goes without saying that we produce according to the individual requests of our customers also made-to-measure and on the express line.
  • - Progress
  • - WILVORST uses state-of-the-art CAD systems and manufactures at the highest level.
  • - Training | qualified and motivated staff

WILVORST owns the largest suit production in Germany. Everyday, more than 200 staff members and trainees work in Northeim  – they are all committed to the success and progress of WILVORST.