Sustainability is important to WILVORST!

Besides the WILVORST collection which is facing sustainability WILVORST attaches importance to sustainability for the complete company.

WILVORST is one of a few manufacturers, who still have a significant production in Germany. In Northeim we produce 200 suits every day - with German personnel. To all staff we pay at least standard wages and naturally we pay all social insurance fees. Our average salary in the production is almost the double of the minimum wage throughout Germany.

Why do we produce in Germany? We keep our production in Northeim, because we want to keep the know-how of our own products in our own hands. We want to decide, which styles, which production steps and which sewing- and ironing work is put on our products. We do not want to forward our know-how to companies without knowledge about the production of garments.

Outside of Northeim we produce our labels WILVORST, TZIACCO, ATELIER TORINO and CORPUS LINE at four additional European sites.Two sites are located in Croatia, one in Bulgaria and one in Romania. In all these production sites we have technicians on the spot who pay attention to the working conditions and the social standards. They pay attention to working conditions at our conceptions, correct safety at work, no childrens work as well as environment standards.

WILVORST Green Wedding

As first manufacturer of festive men's fashion WILVORST offers sustainable wedding suits!

We think of the future, because we live in times in which we "know, what's happening". When it comes to working conditions, environment, organic farming and transparency we at WILVORST know the facts. Ideals have changed - also in the field of clothing. Decelerated fashion with a feel-good factor is trendy. These changes can also be found in the field of wedding fashion, because bride and groom want to celebrate this green life style also on the nicest day of their lifes. Sustainable wedding suit: due to these facts we have created the collection WILVORST Green Wedding. It is a collection all around the sustainable wedding suit.