Role Model for Integration

Many enterprises talk about integration projects for foreign staff. At WILVORST this topic has been taken for granted for a long time already. At our headquarters in Northeim more than 200 staff members and 18 apprentices work on the success and progress of WILVORST every day. 16% of them are not originally from Germany.

The current debate about the integration of foreign skilled workers into German enterprises, which was triggered by the wave of refugees, has been totally unneccessary at WILVORST for a long time already. At this specialist and leading manufacturer of wedding suits and festive menswear all colleagues have worked hand in hand for years – no matter where they come from. Meanwhile, 16% of the 200 staff members of WILVORST are not from Germany, some colleagues still keep their foreign citizenship. Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Kosovo, Yugoslavia and Georgia – at WILVORST we live integration every day. Integration is a matter of fact for this long-established company, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2016. Furthermore, WILVORST is just in contact with two refugees. Both of them come from the field of tailoring and are employed as soon as their German language training will be more advanced.