Company Philosophy - Company Principles of WILVORST Herrenmoden GmbH

At WILVORST Herrenmoden GmbH we look back on a long, traditional company history. One of the many reasons, why WILVORST still is successful on the market are clear company principles and values for all the staff! The company which was founded in Stettin in 1916 is located in Northeim since 1946. From this site WILVORST offers high-quality menswear to their customers. Cost-effective aspects determine international purchase, production and commercialisation.


WILVORST Herrenmoden GmbH is part of the Brinkmann group and it is run by the management in Northeim. By means of a consistent market policy WILVORST has become the leading brand of formal wear. This leading position must be maintained and expanded. In order to achieve this goal WILVORST will permanently focus all marketing parameters on the market requirements:

  •    The WILVORST brand shall be developed into a genuine consumer brand.
  •     All products must be in line with fashionable up-to-date market requirements.
  •     Quality must meet the highest standards.
  •     Everybody has to be faster and more flexible than the competitors.
  •     All sales efforts and service measures must be aligned with maximum customer satisfaction.
  •     The price-performance ratio must comply with the market segment.
  •     The assurance of the company’s financial independence has top priority. In order to achieve a sound equity ratio permanent good returns have to be reached. All efforts have to aim at an above-average profit margin.

All staff members are involved in the operational planning in order to determine the short-term and medium-term objectives and in handling current tasks. The planning and implementation of agreed goals require comprehensive information and the readiness for talks at all levels. Internal disagreements which result from different tasks are to be resolved through open discussions. All staff members stand up for an excellent and humane working atmosphere. The high qualification of the staff that is needed for the production and distribution is ensured by means of a qualified selection procedure and constant vocational education and training. We have utmost confidence in the talents of our staff members. WILVORST maintains a fair balance of interests for mutual benefit also with its customers, suppliers, craftsmen, service providers and all public institutions.