WILVORST Company History - Festive Evening Wear for Men - Since 1916

WILVORST Herrenmoden GmbH look back on a long company history which has been rich in tradition. Since the year 1916 WILVORST have stood for fashion - meantime we've become the market leader for festive evening wear for men as well as formal wear in all over Europe. We also deliver our products to the United Arab Emirates, the Caribbean, Africa and Australia. Not least for this reason our motto is: "At home in Germany and all over the world". In our column "Company History" we would like to inform you about our company history which has been rich in tradition and has lasted for more than 100 years!


The WILVORST company is established. In that year, Wilhelm Vordemfelde takes over the company from his former employer in Stettin and soon changes the company's name into WILVORST - after the initials of his name and the town Stettin - WILhelm VORdemfelde STettin.

Right from the beginning the most important goals are: premium fabrics, excellent staff, high quality, best fit and perfect workmanship down to the smallest detail.

1929/1930 - 1945 

1929 / 1930 - Wilhelm Vordemfelde has a new factory building constructed on Turnerstraße in Stettin. The modern concept allows for the first time a production based on the division of labour. This is the basis of a functional, cost-efficient and high-quality manufacture.

1945 - WILVORST has to leave Stettin – since then the old factory building has been used by a Polish state-owned manufacturer of clothing for 50 years.


The former Wilhelm Vordemfelde building is completely renovated and turned into a Centre for innovation and technology transfer Stettin . Recently, the museum has been opened and it can be visited at any time.

1946 und 1965

1946 - Wilhelm Vordemfelde and part of his staff move to Northeim near Göttingen. His nephew Friedrich-Wilhelm Vordemfelde turns the company into a leading menswear manufacturer. His own factory building is finished in 1949. In 1965 floors are added for the administration and the creative team. 1965 – Construction of a factory building and specialization in evening wear. First dispatch of garments directly from stock.

1970 - 1980

Friedrich-Wilhelm Vordemfelde turns the company into the market leader for festive evening wear for men and he invents the system of a mix&match storage of suits. From 1982 he is mayor of the town of Northeim and later he is appointed honorary citizen of the town of Northeim.


Entry of Dr. Karl-Wilhelm Vordemfelde - the present managing partner into the company Wilhelm Vordemfelde KG and refoundation into WILVORST Herrenmoden GmbH.

1985 - 1991

Denver-Collection by WILVORST with the celebrities of the TV series "Denver Clan" (original title “Dynasty”).

1991 - "SAT.1 Collection by WILVORST". With this collection WILVORST enters into the free TV age. In creating a telegenic, colourful collection together with the TV channel SAT1 and in clothing the hosts with elegant outfits from WILVORST new marketing and sales channels open up.


In the course of industrialisation WILVORST finds a strong partner in the Brinkmann group, today bugatti Holding Brinkmann GmbH & Co. KG.


The first web presence is planned. On January 15th, 1997 WILVORST  is on the internet - as the first German fashion brand - with its latest collections, a shop finder, raffles and the Knigge dresscode "what to wear and when”. Since this first day more than 50 million hits on the WILVORST.de  page have been recorded.



WILVORST enlarges its offer by the TZIACCO collection. This young collection under the slogan "ENJOY YOURSELF" offers casual outfits to young, fashion-conscious men for weddings and events. 


2001 - 2006

Fast - but not too fast -  New Economy with WILVORST. The consistent use of new technologies leads to the opening of the shop for waistcoats and accessories. 2002 - Every year more than half a million visitors check out the WILVORST site. 2003 - With the new OnlineOrderTracking system WILVORST offers its trade partners to check their orders at a glance. 2004 - WILVORST carries out the second large relaunch of its internet presence. The number of visitors increases steadily. 2005 - High-tech for the wedding - first gala suit with nano protection by WILVORST. 2006 - WILVORST starts its work as cultural partners. The first partners are the "German tenors".


Dr. Karl-Wilhelm Vordemfelde celebrates his 25-year-anniversary at WILVORST in Northeim. Wolfgang Brinkmann is one of the guests.

2008 - 2009

The co-operation with celebs is extended. The soccer trainer Mirko Slomka becomes the new celebrity to promote the TZIACCO collection. 2009 - Peter Maffay and his band go on their large Germany tour dressed in WILVORST outfits. This year, WILVORST gains – for the third time in a row - the Bridal Star Award for the best groom’s collection at the Modatex exhibition. WILVORST is now also on facebook.


WILVORST extends its professional support for customers and the press with the digital picture service ‘www.bilder.wilvorst.de’ where you can find high-resolution pictures of the WILVORST collections since 1999. An easy registration enables you to get full access to the pictures.

2010 - 2015

 2010 - WILVORST gets the sought after Bridal Star Award for the fourth time at the Modatex. WILVORST integrates the collections atelier torino and Corpus Line by Odermark. Shortly after, the made-to-measure collection is renamed into CORPUS LINE by WILVORST. 2015  - WILVORST is active on all important social media channels and works on the relaunch of its web presence.


2016 - We celebrate 100 years of WILVORST - a big anniversary with an official ceremony and a big party with the staff and customers. A stone sculpture in the shape of a jacket at the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Vordemfelde roundabout is inaugurated. This is definitely one of the highlights of the anniversary.

2017 - 2018

WILVORST is glad to have won the star violinist Daniel Hope as well as the band VINTAGE VEGAS as brand ambassadors and is proud to cooperate with them.

2018 - 2019

For the first time WILVORST launches a sustainable collection for wedding suits which is called WILVORST Green Wedding as well as a festive ladies' collection with the name TZIACCO ROMANCE. 2019 - After 36 years management of WILVORST Dr. Karl-Wilhelm Vordemfelde retires at the end of 2018. The new management are Wolfgang Brinkmann, Klaus Brinkmann, Andreas Wolf and Stefan Kohlmann.