Evening Tail Suit

The evening tail suit is the king of formal wear: timeless, male, precious – the official attire for very formal occasions.

Rule of thumb: The evening tailcoat is best worn after 3 pm or even better after nightfall. If the invitation says “White Tie” you are requested to wear an evening tailcoat, e.g. at very elegant weddings, balls, festive premieres, state banquets or receptions of European Royal Families.

When you wear your evening tail suit you should observe some rules of styling and matching of all parts of your evening dress. The classic tail coat is complemented with a white, very low-cut piqué waistcoat, a matching white full dress shirt with a stiffened piqué front as well as a white piqué bowtie. The look gets perfect with classic, black patent leather shoes. The highlight of the attire is the top hat. The top hat is the appropriate headdress for very formal occasions - together with the evening tail suit. It mostly is collapsible (French: Chapeau Claque). It has become fashionable already in the first half of the 19th century.

You get the WILVORST evening dress only at specialized shops or retailers.


With our WILVORST Evening Tail Suits we recommend the following accessories:

Evening Tail Suit

Nothing is more classy and at once as timeless as the evening tail suit – the king of festive evening wear. For very formal occasions, this quite simply timeless elegant attire should be worn with white pique shirt, waistcoat, bow tie & black patent shoes. To go that one step further for that fresh evening air, wear a black silk top hat and a scarf. This outfit is made for elegant balls and weddings, only in the evening. Invitation information: white tie.

Garments WHITE TIE

Black jacket of the evening tail suit in basic or slim style as well as matching black trousers with festive double piping on the side. 

White shirt with piqué front and matching waistcoat and bowtie.

Black patent leather shoes

Shawl made of silk

Perfect combination: coat to wear with the evening tail suit

Highlight: black top hat

Evening Tail Suit at the Vienna Opera Ball!!

At the Vienna Opera Ball all gentlemen are supposed to wear an evening tail suit, alternatively a dress uniform. Any other outfit is not accepted. The ladies should wear a long evening dress.

With up to 12,000 visitors the Vienna Opera Ball is one of the top events of the ball season. It does not only attract debutants but also many notables from Europe or even the United States.

The tradition of this opera ball dates back to 1814/15 when the Congress of Vienna was held. An opera ball at today’s location – the building of the Vienna State Opera – was first held on 11th December 1877. A ball with a fine tradition. The first ball under the name Vienna Opera Ball took place in 1935 to raise money for charity.

Traditionally, the Vienna Opera Ball is opened by some 180 dancing couples. After the sound of the command “ALLES WALZER” (Everbody waltz) the dancing floor is open for all guests of the Opera Ball. Since the 90s the Opera Ball again and again causes a sensation with the celebrity guests of Richard Lugner, an Austrian constructor.

The list of celebrities who have had a seat in his loge – which is anything but cheap – is long. It includes Ivana Trump, Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson, Dita von Teese and more famous people.