Dinner Suit


.... the perfect look for party, wedding and formal occasions!

You have received an invitation with the dress code black tie? Then this is the official demand to wear a dinner suit. The elegant dinner suit: the black, single breasted dinner suit with shawl collar is the right choice for festive occasions that take place after 6 p.m. - also available double breasted in fashionable variations and in new colors. Young alternatives of dinner suits are trendy. "Tuxedo" is the American English expression for the dinner suit. It finds its origin in the English smoking rooms of the end of the 19th century. Black tie or in French "cravate noir" used to mean to wear a black bowtie with the dinner suit.The new dinner suits may not only be worn on the dress code "black tie", but they may also perfectly be styled as cool clubwear or casually combined as modern street look.






With our Dinner Suits we recommend the following accessories:

Dress Code "Black Tie" – two words that indicate that it is time to wear a dinner suit. But not only on an invitation with this dress code it is the perfect time to wear a dinner suit – especially on Christmas or on New Year’s Eve it is the perfect outfit. With our new COOL CLASSICs “man” will perfectly be dressed for any event – styling and accessories underline the occasion and upgrade the outfit respectively. Trendy accessories such as form-fitting shirts with contrasting, black fancy buttons, cool patent leather shoes and modern braces with matching bowtie in black offer any possibility when it comes to fashion. The HIGHLIGHT of the season: dinner suits in different colors, because in the festive season an outfit should not only be noble but also #colorful!

Styling Tips apart of the formal Dress Codes

Dinner Suit in midnight blue - combined with bowtie and shirt - for a festive dinner and trendy with blue jeans, shirt and sneakers for the party at friends or as streetwear.

Dinner Suit in barolo red - combined with bowtie and trousers in the same fabric and shirt. Also as cool style for a clubbing night  combined with blue jeans and black leather boots.

Dinner Suit in dark green - combined with bowtie and trousers in the same fabric and shirt. Also as cool style for a clubbing night ar a party at friends combined with blue jeans and black leather boots and tight black shirt. 

Dinner Suit in black or anthracite with black trousers, classy bowtie and white shirt offered by WILVORST. As accessories nerd-glases and a cap - perfectly styled for a great party.