Dress Codes

You have received an invitation and do not know exactly what the dress code means and what to wear? WILVORST has created a DRESS CODE on this homepage, which will serve as assistance to anybody who has received an invitation with dress code. On the social parquet dress codes are not a request but rather a demand, even a rule expressing which garment is appropriate for which event. As manufacturer of festive evening wear and formal wear for men WILVORST is specialist for dress codes and has created this stylish guide.

We wish you a lot of fun with our festive Dress Codes!  

Garments BLACK TIE

Dinner suit with shawl collar and silk piping on the trousers, normally in black, but meantime other dark colors such as blue are possible

Dinner shirt in white with wing collar and light or black fancy buttons

Black bowtie with matching cummerbund or alternatively a black waistcoat

Patent leather shoes in flat or embossed

At strict dress code the white tuxedo should be worn before 6 p.m. or at a garden party. It is the dinner suit of the daytime.

Garments WHITE TIE

Black evening tail jacket in basic or slim line as well as matching trousers in the same material with festive double piping on the side 

White evening tail shirt with white piqué front and matching waistcoat and bowtie - all made from white piqué

Black patent leather shoes

Shawl with the evening tail suit

Perfect completion: Evening tail coat

High point: black top hat

Garments Morning Coat

Morning Coat in black, grey or blue (depending on the time of the year and the occasion)

Striped trousers in black or grey - modern variations also in plain, matching the coat

Silver tie or neckerchief with matching waistcoat - alternatively especially the British like colorful variations

Black lace-up shoes (no patent-leather shoes) 

White shirt with shark collar

High point: grey top hat

Garments White Tuxedo

White tuxedo with shawl collar or peak lapel in cream

Dinner trousers in black

Accessories in any color - we recommend cummerbund, bowtie and pocketkerchief in burgundy, red or black.

Black leather lace-up shoes (or of course patent-leather shoes) 

White wing collar dinner shirt

Matching cufflinks for a shirt with festive double cuff

Dress Code: Black Tie

You have received an invitation with the dress code black tie? Then this is the official demand to wear a dinner suit. The elegant dinner suit: the black, single breasted dinner suit with shawl collar is the right choice for festive occasions that take place after 6 p.m. - also available double breasted in fashionable variations and in new colors. Young alternatives of dinner suits are trendy. "Tuxedo" is the American English expression for the dinner suit. It finds its origin in the English smoking rooms of the end of the 19th century. Black tie or in French "cravate noir" used to mean to wear a black bowtie with the dinner suit. What do the ladies wear at dress code black tie? A festive evening dress, short or long, but not mini, shoes possibly with heels, open shoes without stockings are allowed. Meantime many grooms wear a classic dinner suit on their wedding.

Dress Code: White Tie

“White tie” is the written request on an invitation card to wear the evening tail suit on a  festivity. The tail suit is being worn only in the evening after 6 p.m. at elegant balls and weddings as well as at very formal occasions - alternatively a dress uniform may be worn. It should be worn with white piqué shirt, waistcoat, bow tie and black patent shoes. Invitation information: white tie or cravate blanche. If the invitation says “White Tie” you are requested to wear an evening tailcoat, e.g. at very elegant weddings, balls, festive premieres, state banquets or receptions of European Royal Families. Rule of thumb: The evening tailcoat is best worn after 6 p.m. or even after nightfall. Before that time of the day the morning coat is the appropriate garment. What do the ladies wear at dress code white tie? A large, long evening dress or robe, shoes with heels, open shoes are allowed without stockings.

Dress Code: Morning Coat

You have received an invitation with the dress code Morning coat? Then this is the official demand to wear the classic morning coat. The morning coat is the evening tailcoat of the day – it is suitable for occasions from morning to 3.00 p.m. The morning coat is combined with striped trousers and a grey waistcoat with white standard collar shirt as well as grey neckerchief. Alternatively a colorful waistcoat may be combined – such as for example the gentlemen of the British Royal House like to do. Fashionable variations such as blue morning coat with grey waistcoat are also trendy, since here classic meets modern spirit. A bowtie should not be combined with the classic morning coat. High point of the outfit is the top hat. What do the ladies wear at dress code Morning coat? A festive short dress with jacket or coat, a day fit costume, elegant shoes, stockings on funerals.

Dress Code: White Tuxedo

You have received an invitation with the dress code white tuxedo or the invitation is for a formal garden party or it is the summerly Black Tie variation? Then this is the official demand to wear the classic white tuxedo. What exactly is the white tuxedo? It is a classic garment for all kinds of social occasions in the daytime or even a romantic luxury cruise. It is  the summer version of the dinner suit and  may be combined with wing collar shirt and dinner trousers as well as with cummerbund, bowtie and matching pocketkerchief. Our tip: color burgundy. What do the ladies wear at dress code white tuxedo? A festive summer dress, day fit, short or long, but not mini, shoes possibly with heels, open shoes without stockings are allowed. A white tuxedo is rather not a weeding suit.