Neckerchief & Bowtie

...fancy decoration for the gentleman!

The neckerchief is the festive alternative to the tie and it is much more voluminous. To underline the festive character the neckerchief may  be decorated with a pearl needle and it is worn exclusively with the elegant wing collar shirt or a standard collar shirt (more fashionable). The festive collections offered by WILVORST show bowtie and neckerchief each in a set with the pocketkerchief.

Accessories to combine with the wedding suit  - for the perfect outfit

When it comes to festive evening wear the tie is not as popular and therefore WILVORST does not show it in the collections. Of course it may be produced on order and in consultation with the retail shop. The exception is the morning coat. Especially in Great Britain the morning coat may be combined with a colorful waistcoat and a colorful tie. Mostly the tie is worn in the business fashion - many gentlemen wear a tie with their business suit.

The bowtie is the most festive accessory.  It is a decoration for the neck and it is the noble alternative to tie or neckerchief.  The bowtie (also called papillon) is indispensable to wear with the dinner suit or the evening tail suit.  It is available to self tie or with an elastic band.  The measurements vary according to the latest fashion. They may be narrow as well as voluminous.
The elegant bowtie made from white piqué is to wear with the evening tail suit. The black satin bowtie is to wear with the dinner suit. Also colored bowties like bordeaux, cream, white or dark blue may be combined with the dinner suit.

Eine Schleife passt perfekt zum Hochzeitsanzug aber auch zum Anlassanzug
Eine Schleife passt perfekt zum Hochzeitsanzug aber auch zum Anlassanzug - auch perfekt zu COOL WEDDING
WILVORST bietet als Accessoire passend zum Hochzeitsanzug neben der aktuell sehr trendigen FLiege auch ein hochfestliches Plastron an!