Du suchst Accessoires passend zum Hochzeitsanzug? WILVORST Accessoires zum Hochzeitsanzug oder zur feslichen Gesellschaftsbekleidung - immer perfekt abgestimmt!


Accessories collection

Accessories -  a little word with "fashionable" large effect - from top hat down to the shirt!

The term accessory is derived from the French language and translated it means "additional" or "accessory". Accessories are small details that make the wedding outfit perfect. A shirt of high quality forms the basis of the outfit, the matching cufflinks advance to nice eye-catchers and form the adornment of the sleeves of the gentleman. The perfect wedding outfit needs a pair of elegant shoes - naturally offered by WILVORST. The waistcoat set is the "icing on the cake". The set of waistcoat and neckerchief make any outfit become the perfect festive wedding outfit and it is the creative frame of the suit. The absolut trend accessories -  braces - have to be added to the outfit. These new stars of festive evening wear are made from exclusive waistcoat fabrics. This way they perfectly match the bowtie, pocketkerchief and of course also the waistcoat. This fashionable accessory is essential for any wedding outfit or any look of classy formal wear and should not be missed - it is a  fashionable must-have.